Virginiana Miller   [ITA]

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Virginiana Miller were born in Livorno in 1990.
They release Gelaterie Sconsacrate (B&B/Sony), their debut album, in 1997, with the artistic production of Marc Simon and Giorgio Canali (they both play in the record too, together with Yo Yo Mundi and Massimo Fantoni).
Their second record, Italiamobile (B&B/Sony), is released two years later.
In 2003 they leave their record label Baracca&Burattini to join Sciopero Record and release La Verità sul Tennis. Produced by Amerigo Verardi, together with Francesco Bianconi and Rachele Bastreghi of Baustelle (voices in "Malvivente"), the record is an act of love toward the "white gestures" sport, as the tv commentator Clerici once defined it.
Their following record, Fuochi Fatui d'Artificio, is released in 2006, after signing for Radiofandando.
In 2010 they release their lates album, "Il Primo Luned́ del Mondo"; at the end of the year, the record is in all the main year press charts.