COME SE, the new videoclip by Bianco

COME SE, the new videoclip by Bianco

Bianco still sings and is back since march 17th with the new single COME SE, a song that mixes nostalgia and happiness giving a full and almost paradoxical aftertaste of hope.

Produced by Tiziano Lamberti at GAAR Studio and co-written with Andrea Bonomo, the song is accompanied by a video shot amid Murazzi in Turin and Hiroshima's backstage, in a scent of a post apocalyptic future that coats the dreamy rhythm with a poetic veil of nostalgia, and it becomes able to hide behind an absolute and hyperbolic solitude a really close to us condition as it's the silence of music, of his protagonists and of his spaces.

An alternate among empty and full, absences and attendances with pressing bass and drums and with the Fender Rhodes painting romantic harmonies on witch Bianco's voice tells about the feeling of being the last man on earth.


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