MY MAMMA, new album by LRDL!

MY MAMMA, new album by LRDL!

MY MAMMA is the title of the new album by La Rappresentante di Lista and it will be out on march 5th. The album contains "Amare", the song in competition at Sanremo 2021. It's an album full of beauty and beauty is the origin of the world. We are really happy.

"MY MAMMA is an album that has decided which side to be on, that takes sides. It's a free, fluid, welcoming and full of edges album - that's how the band describes the new project - MY MAMMA is impetuous, arrangements are nervous, nothing is left to chance. Genres mix, words are really said, are confessions, prayers, membership hymns. More voices merge to speak up, Veronica's ones, choirs, guitars, orchestration, and become a set. The fourth album by LRDL is contaminated by the creativity that begin taking the shape of real artistic collective."


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