Venti, the new album by Giorgio Canali!

Venti, the new album by Giorgio Canali!

"Venti" is the title of the new album by Giorgio Canali & Rossofuoco, and it's out through La Tempesta. You can find it in digital and in double vinyl and cd at the shop on www.latempesta.org.

At a distance of two years from the previous one, Giorgio does a double album, the eighth together with Rossofuoco. Twenty unpublished songs born by the artist's poetry, intimate but blunt, visionary but realistic, fully sustained but the musical strength of Rossofuoco.

The album delivers once again to the listener the depth, the musical sensitivity and the tireless energy that today is detectable in just a few musicians. "Venti" is the new long travel faced by the songwriter and producer, who beautifully continues going across Italian music.


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