Ettore Giuradei in Locusta's roster!

Ettore Giuradei in Locusta's roster!

We are happy to comunicate that we'll book Ettore Giuradei's tour!
"Lucertola" is his new solo album and came out last Friday, October 25th, under Freecom Music/Uma Records for project/collective Casa Molloy, a new cultural pole inside Latteria Molloy's walls.

"Before recording with Dunk I would have done a solo album, more intimate and songwriter style, vox and guitar. But I didn't feel ready. The project got strength in my mind just during Dunk adventure. I decided to involve Giacomo Papetti, bass player coming from jazz circuit, and Fidel Fogaroli (Verdena) at keyboards, synth, effects and more. Giacomo and Fidel recorded after listening to the the songs just one time, relying on the creative spark of the moment."


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